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There are rules you know…

Rule #1. Keep posts under 500 words for training/resource blogs like this one, and under 200 words if you are introducing a video, book, or another blog.
Rule #2. Comments should be about one or two sentences, or think of it as a contribution to a conversation with other blog readers. If you hope others will tweet your comments they must a short sentence in length.
Rule #3. At least say something.
Rule #4. The best posts and the best comments are those that beg a response.

3 responses to “Post & Comment

  1. Hi, Al,
    My name is Sharon Holmgren and I spoke with you real briefly at the convention in Manitoba. I went back to your table to purchase some items on Thursday afternoon. We needed to leave immediately so I left an American Check with another vendor for the book: Covenant of Brothers and a beautiful scarf. She said that she would give it to you.
    The check has not cleared the bank yet, so I was wondering how I can pay you. Would donating to this website be sufficient?
    The book has really blessed me and I have your information. I haven’t shared the info with my Hmong daughter-in-law and my granddaughters yet. We will see what He will do!!
    Be blessed,
    Ken and Sharon Holmgren

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