What Shall we do with Jezebel?

‘Understanding Jezebel’ can become a massive study on spiritual manipulation, but let’s keep this extremely short. Of all the books and sermons on the subject, the best teaching I know of comes from Robert Morris. Recognizing her is not enough; how do we stop tolerating her?

  1. Run from her? Elijah tried that; he looked for a new church, one with no Jezebel. And God asked him, “What are you doing here Elijah?”
  2. Attack her? Maybe you could out-manipulate her. You might be smarter than her, especially with those great vengeful plans running through your head. This is what she wants: to live in your head, consume your thoughts, steal your creative time and energy.
  3. Stop tolerating her! Jezebel is on a level below where you live so stand tall and confident in God’s call on your life. Never let her move you from your inheritance. Refuse to succumb to her intimidations and manipulations. And don’t just blame it on the demon, we must stop tolerating the actions of the person controlled by Jezebel.

Mid-Jezebel is where Elijah heard God in a still small voice. Keep your heart quiet from the fears and frustrations of Jezebel. She can’t control you.

And mid-Jezebel is where God instituted the double portion. Forget Jezebel and go find Elisha, invest your life into him.

Protect your heart from Jezebel with all diligence for out of it comes your future and the future of God’s Kingdom around you.

Know any good tricks for ejecting Jezebel from you brain?


4 responses to “What Shall we do with Jezebel?

  1. Can’t really say I’ve have alot of wisdom or experience to offer on the subject of Jezebel but I agree with you to keep your eyes, like Jesus, on the joy of obtaining the prize. I told someone not too long ago, “Don’t get distracted after the vision and what you’re called to do. Put blinders on if you have to but keep yourself focused on what God has called you to do. Jesus encountered so many distractions and I believe that’s why he set the example of going up to a solitude place to commune with the Father daily. Then He said “I only do and say what the Father has shown me.”

  2. So sorry. *Some spelling errors. Can’t really say I’ve had alot of wisdom or experience……. *Don’t get distracted from the vision and what you’re called to do

  3. Funny. It’s always easy to see manipulation in others…..but in me? This is tough. Women seem to have their own language at times.. And so often it is a suggestion that is a dainty glove that has the intent of a sledge hammer. Probably why I never did we’ll in women’s groups… But that is gonna change! Speak the truth in love….let your conversation be sprinkled with salt, be wise as snakes, but innocent as doves…..ohh so much on how we speak to one another…

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