It’s Too Late to Start Now (succession pt. 2)

My Dad promised he would spend all his money so my siblings and I would have no inheritance to fight over. It might have been better to teach us not to fight! The level of trust required for succession escaped our family, even though we were tight.

God told Moses, “Take some of the Spirit that is on you and give it to Joshua.” Succession on the money, management, or political level may perpetuate secular goals, but for Christian vision in ministry and business, succession must happen by transference of Spirit.

‘The Spirit’ He refers to is the God-given vision, call, and anointing on our spiritual family. If we can pass our vision on to a guy like Joshua, the assets of the vision will be productive for at least one more generation.

Joshua moved into Moses’ life, invited or not. In the tent of meeting or on mount Sinai, if Moses went, Joshua went too. And God said, “Put some of your Spirit on him.”

A successor must be a spiritual son, or better yet, a group of sons (that would make them spiritual brothers). Sons cost; they live in your house, eat your food, spend your money, ride on your reputation, make mistakes, and bother you anytime they want. And as they mature they begin to tell you what to do. It’s more convenient to just find a hireling with a good resume.

But fathers beget sons, after their own kind, so if you don’t have good sons it’s because being a visionary father costs more than you are willing to pay.

With sons, succession is not a plan but a process. My role changes constantly and has for 30 years. On the surface this may look like a simple succession plan but it is actually our natural, ongoing growth.

My Dad had good reason to not trust me with succession; he had groomed me since 5 years old to take over the family farm and I didn’t – I wasn’t interested. The Spirit was missing from the equation.

What would make a boy like Joshua want to follow you or me?


4 responses to “It’s Too Late to Start Now (succession pt. 2)

  1. I’m just getting started so I haven’t given much thought to a successor. But I’d say if I want a Joshua following me then he’s got to see in me what he wants to become. That means I’ve got to walk with Jesus in authority, integrity, wisdom, and joy. He’s got to see the mission/vision beyond my life, and because of my life, have the confidence and desire to carry on the work.

  2. Yes I’m with you Harley. Our sons/daughters have to see us function both in public and private and then say, “Yes I want to be like that.” For instance, my daughter Crystal saw me prayer since she was born, she’s now 29yrs. and caught the spirit of prayer and intercession so much that by the time she was 5yrs. she was praying like me, baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking the Word and thought it was common place. Now when she prays her friends marvel at how much Word, faith power, and authority she carries. To her it’s normal to others it’s extraordinary.

  3. Oh one more thought. For those who ask how and where do I start. God started this mentoring, sonship/daughtership process in my life through my family and then let it grow into ministry and reproducing in others. Of course this is only one way but don’t despise the small beginnings. God is in it for sure.

  4. For me to follow someone I would have to see the power and presence of God in their lives. I want to see someone who knows how to pray and prays until things change. It would be some one with integrity. What they say and what they do match. Someone who has a good relationship with their family. Because they really know what it is like to live with that person. They are the ones who know their character better than anyone else. Some one who oozes compassion and love yet clear vision.. Okay so I am impossible to please. But you know I do see this in some of the people around me and its what draws me to them. I think I am done with it and grand is”the move of God”. No I want to see the power and presence in everyday life. Praying inthe street in the shops inthe homes . Peace and love… Yep maybe I am still just a hippie wannabes.. Lol. But I believe that our character is what we can transfer on to the next generation and they will ” catch” what’s have when we are real.

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