Vision Succeeds (Succession Pt. 3)

Daughter-in-law Abbi and her Joanna check out my fifth grandchild from daughter Mai while our eldest Margaret watches for aliens.

One hundred years after, William Booth’s vision to evangelize the poor is stronger than ever. Have you seen his new web based tv network?

The ‘V’ in SAVN stands for vision. I’m telling you, it’s the vision that gets passed on when the vision is what we live for. I plan to visit SAVN.TV often because what I find there is vision, vision, vision.

While passing on the property, policies and groups of people in the Salvation Army, someone has managed to stay on track with the vision. When you listen to people quote William Booth, it becomes apparent that he was a man of tremendously focused vision, everything else was accessory and subject to change.

Somebody asked me yesterday if, 30 years ago, I had envisioned all the things we are doing today. I didn’t see the accessories; the buildings we now own or our web based media sites (there was no Internet when William Booth was alive nor when we launched this ministry), but I did write down details of the infrastructure we would use to make disciples: things like church planting, Bible colleges, children’s homes, media, education. But what I really saw was the people, disciples, from the nations.

While launching a new endeavor, if you talk too much about vision, you put the tender vision at risk. But once you have some visible accomplishments and others are joining the vision, you had better talk vision every time you talk. That’s what will be carried into the next generation.

If you are a successor, you had better research, study, and meditate on the vision you have inherited. There is a dumb idea circulating that each of us will one day come into his own vision, but there is no such thing. My vision is for ‘discipleship’, I got that from Jesus and it was passed down to me by my spiritual fathers. Take full advantage of what you’ve inherited rather than needing to invent a new vision.

I recently visited Canada’s oldest Pentecostal church as it turned 100. Pastor Mark Redner has researched the history of his church in the Ottawa valley right back to its beginnings in Asuzu Street when Robert E. McAlister carried this revival to Canada. Mark is a visionary, building on what others have left for him, and this church is in revival again!

watch here:

visit West Carlton Christian Assembly here:

visit Salvation Army SAVN TV here:

What does learning about men like William Booth do for you?


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