Passionate to Beget (spiritual sons pt. 2)

Joe     Recently a pastor complained, “I just don’t have any good sons.” I’ve heard this too many times and I answered truthfully, “It’s because you’re not a good father!” Well, whose responsibility is this anyway? We kid ourselves when we blame our impotence on someone else. We can become real fathers by taking full responsibility for our own progeny, or lack thereof.
     One of our daughters has been married for 14 years, trying to have children the whole time – finally a beautiful son was born a few months ago. And from a totally unbiased grandfather, this baby is the cutest ever, and you have never seen such a happy mom and dad. We know these parents and their deep desire for children, and all we could do was pray, and otherwise feel helpless. Helplessness can be felt throughout the Kingdom because of spiritual barrenness. And there is something we can do about it.
     Getting pregnant is often too easy, it’s like there is an unending supply of babies waiting to be born, they even come to people who don’t want them. Same with spiritual sons, the problem isn’t that “there are none” but the impotence of prospective spiritual fathers leaves the babies in waiting. The leader of another ministry asked me, “Where do you find such good workers, I can’t find any.” I responded, “I don’t find them, I grow them, they are sons and daughters raised up in our ministry vision.”
     Through sons and daughters we are advancing our vision – the very vision we have paid for with our lives. What’s that worth? Through sons and daughters we are accomplishing the dreams that God has given us. What is that worth? Through sons and daughters our gifts and callings will never diminish or die but will build and grow into the future. Our legacy is our sons and daughters. And here’s an extra bonus, if we do a good job, future generations will study us and quote us, forgetting all our failures, we will finally become heroes. That’s got to be worth something!
     But real Fathership value isn’t in what I stand to gain. The lesson from the new parents? They’re not thinking about what’s in it for them, they just love their baby.
     Let’s not live to leave a great name behind, but live for those who need a father now.
     How can a father recognize a potential son?

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