Platform This Week

TrainPlatformThe idea of PLATFORM did not begin as a plan to move us forward, but as a way to describe what we are already doing, that is working well. What makes the dream what it is today? (please do not detect any sense of ‘having arrived’ in that question) 

1. who we are: Victoryasia: blood bought, destiny bound, adopted together…
2. what we are called to do: reaching, training, mobilizing disciples…
3. how we do it: by planting and building platforms

Every time I teach my course on the Book of Romans, it’s like being born again, again. Refreshing the revelation that Jesus took both my sin and my sinner, and made me righteous before God – wow, what a life that begs me to live!

And being not only saved, completely, but being saved for a purpose. Now that really makes life worth living! And it’s not complicated at all: I live so that others can be what I am in Christ! (there’s no pious, yet Biblical, way to say that)

And we have a very clear method. PLATFORM: an understandable, visionary, disciple making, leader empowering, culture creating, direction defining, organizing and orchestrating, confidence producing, resource gathering, unified community. Building platforms is the key that unlocks the potential of who we are and what we’re called to do.

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