Team Leadership Forever


Tenet# 7 Teamwork and agreement is the place of power.

Let them shout for joy and be glad, Who favor my righteous cause!*

1. The idea of team leadership is universal. Abraham trained 318 servants to man his tent and feed his camels and in a crunch they attacked and defeated five armies. Moses led a team of apostles like Aaron and Hur, prophets like Miriam, pastors/teachers like Korah, and discipled spiritual sons like Joshua. Israel was made up of tribes who functioned as teams with a specific DNA for God’s call on the nation. In times of disobedience, God would send a prophet, a solo voice crying in the wideness, but that was not the norm. The Old Testament also illustrates that independence was rebellion, punishable by death.

In the NT everything is done in team, Jesus and His apostles, Paul and his companions. I once read through the book of Acts just to mark all the places where the apostles were in team, turns out they were always in team, except once when Paul was on the run from persecutors and ended up in Corinth making tents for a couple of weeks – until his team caught up with him, then they went preaching full time again. (check out Acts 19:22, 29, 20:4-6)

2. Team agreement is like the main reactor, where the power source is. Jesus said, If any more than one of you agree concerning anything you ask, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven.

3. Team culture: Every team has a specific culture that can either promote or hinder the team vision.

In Victory Asia:

a. Team is unselfish yet the place of individual strength. Team is not about me, not about us, but about our common call, our corporate purpose. When we get that right, team becomes the place of caring for and strengthening individuals, and the place of personal significance. Team offers protection, accountability, fellowship, moral and prayer support, training for growth, character development, empowerment but isn’t responsible for any outcome that requires a personal choice. Your ‘joy of the Lord’ is your choice.

b. We encourage, not criticise. We hate gossip and we speak well of other leaders. We speak about things in a right way and the right place, we do not diminish others by our words or actions.

c. Personal character is at the top of the list. We don’t exaggerate the numbers, cover our mistakes to save face, we share any information, time, resources, energy, that might help the others excel.

d. We have clear responsibilities but we don’t work to rule. Anything that needs to be done is my responsibility and I am careful to consider the responsibilities and jurisdictions of others as I act to help move the vision ahead.

e. We honour but we don’t idolise. We praise good leadership and accomplishments, we respect the teaching and direction given to us by our leaders but we don’t praise on demand.

f. We take a strong lead and we serve. We stand up when something needs to be done and we do it to serve the people that will be helped.

g. We are humble and strongly confident. True humility is to believe that what God says about Himself is true, what he says about me is true, what He says about you is true and that we can do what He says we can do.

h. We are teachable and assertive. When we know something to be true we don’t compromise, but to get there we must continually learn from others.

Tenet #7 Means to see every individual become more powerful, protected and fruitful as a dynamic player in the corporate vision.

* Psalms 35:27

Here’s the AV version:


2 responses to “Team Leadership Forever

    • Lee-Anne, you are more effective and more fruitful for the a Kingdom than a 100 lone rangers. And the level of committment you model inspires our team, not to mention that we love you….

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