How far can we take this thing?

By a few significant prophetic words.
Delivered through people in our apostolic relationship.
1982 We landed in Thailand under predictions of inadequacy and failure.
1983 We did what we said we would do – established The El Shaddai family of 33 kids.
1986 I wrote my vision, I could see 15 major areas of ministry that would make up the whole. But I soon lost that notebook, and just focused on the work at hand.
1991 We returned to Canada with a bunch of our Thai kids to learn about planting churches. We sensed it was time for a shift.
1994 We received a prophetic word that we would “begin shifting from adopting children to adopting spiritual sons and daughters who would become leaders of nations, including some of our own El Shaddai kids.” The prophecy ended with, “There is a Bible school in your bones and it will come forth and be a major, major part of what God is going to do.”
1995 Our family returned to Thailand to begin the Asia-wide phase of ministry.
1997 We planted our first church.
1999 Victory Asia Bible College (International) opened, (now having trained leaders from 16 countries).
2001 I found my 1986 vision in a box of junk – 14 of the 15 ministries written there were now fully functioning, including a weekly television program and planting churches in other countries. The only thing missing was a Christian school which would offer a godly education to a multitude of Thai kids.
2005 Victory Asia conference in Philippines and the prophetic word from Dr. George Hill (below).
2014 Our kids opened a Kindergarten as the humble beginnings of a Christian school.
2016 A big bold new season now! With 70 churches and six Bible colleges in ten countries in Asia, it’s time to acquire about 8 acres of land to build and consolidate the school, college and ministry platform into one proper facility.
It’s about driving a stake for something bigger!

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