How To Become The Assistant (SUCCESSEE pt 2)

In 1980 I received the invitation, “Al, would you and Terry go out and raise money to start an orphanage in Thailand?” You become the assistant by saying, “Yes”, typically to an invitation to do something for which you have no training, experience or connections. We left home in a borrowed vehicle and one confirmed engagement – and returned two months later with $20,000 and enough new partners to launch the ministry in Thailand.

This is the ‘assistant’ level of leadership; somebody has been watching you and recognizes some potential that can be put to work in what God has called them to do.

Step two is to say yes.

Amalek was the despicable Amorite king, sneaking up behind the exodus and picking off the stragglers: weary women and children who were falling behind. He had murdered many by the time news reached the front line where Moses was leading his people toward the promised land. “Joshua,” he said, “Choose us some men and go fight for us.” Ex 17:8… this was Joshua’s big day! He led the battle, defeated Amalek, and became the General of Moses’ army.

Moses chose Joshua because he had already mastered step one: taking the initiative to follow Moses into the tent of meeting and stay on his face praying, even when Moses left. He followed Moses up the mountain while all the others, including Aaron and Hur, stayed at the bottom. Moses chose the boy who wasn’t looking for anything but to serve.

You have to know how to be chosen. An employee is chosen because he is deemed best for the job but an assistant is chosen because he has proven his integrity toward the team. Are you flaunting your skills or your integrity?

As a leader, what qualities do you reward with an invitation?


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