Invigorate the old guy

This morning I’m putting on my coveralls and doing some building renovations and repairing some equipment. This afternoon I’ll be balancing the books and getting ready preach new vision in the evening meeting. This could be a day from 30 years ago, but we’re not going backwards, this is a particular ministry season we are in of adjusting and strengthening the foundations and getting ready for a greater launch –  A few months ago I was a bit afraid of reliving the strenuousness of my youth but now…

A couple of years ago, sitting around the living room with my family, I gave a little groan of oldness as I got up from my chair. My daughter Becky charged me, “Dad, don’t start that!” I had to agree, there’s no reason to groan and it got me thinking, “Which comes first, the groan or the oldness?” Some guys are about done at 60, while some of our 80 year olds run circles around us. Is the difference more physical or attitude? Likely the later.
Back when we lived in Bangkok, I remember thinking how much faster I could get around the city if I had a motorbike instead of my clumsy pick up truck. But I was getting too old to drive a motorbike. As a young man I had owned five different bikes and was a good rider but age now stood in my way. Until one day, my desire to ride again took over and I bought another bike. I began riding again at 31 years of age. Ok, I know, absurd to feel like I was too old – but that’s how strong the lie of old age can be! I’ve since been riding for another 31 years and don’t ever plan to stop.
Who decides what we can do at 70 or 80 or 90? At 60, I find myself in the youth of my old age. What’s really cool is that this time I know stuff, have influence and resources so that I can move our vision ahead a lot faster. “So The Lord blessed the later end of Al more than his beginning.”
We have a choice: we can use our second youth-hood for retirement or for a proper run at destiny. For some, this might even be the first attempt at significance. Call me.
And tell me what you think, does Kingdom culture include retirement?

4 responses to “Invigorate the old guy

  1. No, NO, NOOOO!!!! Kingdom culture DOES NOT include retirement. Look at Caleb, he said at 80yrs, ” Give me that mountain. I’m able to take it!” I with you my dear brother and friend, I declare You are like Caleb, the mountains you are still able to take and conquer. God is with you. I say more strength and stamina, increase in courage and wisdom in Jesus’ name. I’m believing with you for you, Terry, Allan, me, and many others who the world system would say it’s time to slow down, we’ve earned it. I believe the enemy has certain tactics to try and slow us down, distract us from the vision and purposes of God, and yes discourage us. But I say NO, NO, NOOOOO!!! In Jesus’ name we will pursue, overtake and CONQUER!! For the joy of obtaining the prize we endure…… Heb. 12:2.

      • A little passion??? No a great passion!!! And yes I’ll be on you like white on rice if you start drawing back. haha. We all need the Word of the Lord, vision, and direction, that the Lord has deposited and gifted you for us. I know I’m one of the “Aaron’s” for you “Moses” so I’m lifting your hands while our “Joshuas” are fighting in the valley. We will win many battles for the Lord and His kingdom if we faint not. I won’t let your hands be dropped. Exodus 17

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