Time Capsules (Succession pt. 7)

PurvishagueI talked to a young man yesterday who believes that his generation is weaker in body and mind than my generation – therefore they should not have to meet the same level of expectation from teachers or employers. Where did he get such a deep-seated world view of entitlement? I suspect that as a child he was allowed to make his own choices – always the spoonful of sugar and never the medicine.

Moses brought a bunch of oppressed, slave hearted people out of Egypt and they all died in the wilderness. They were discarded because their sense of entilement kept them from fighting for the abundant life God had promised them. Joshua and Caleb were the two in two million that caught the vision and led the next generation across the Jordan river and into the promised land.

The people crossed the flooded river on dry ground, just as their parents had crossed the Red Sea. But this time God told Joshua to have each tribe carry one big rock up from the river bed and pile them on the bank. The idea was that, generations later, when the story faded, the children ask, “What does this pile of rocks mean?”
Three things I believe about the new generation
1. There are Joshua’s and Caleb’s in every generation, people who won’t be stopped by the lie of entitlement.
2. The masses of every generation need leaders.
3. I can plant the stories that will teach and inspire those new leaders.
Purvishauge is a pile of rocks in Scotland, 40 kilometers north of the border at Carlisle, England. Those rocks make me ask questions about the call of God on the Purvis name. Some of our prior generations asked those questions, many didn’t, and each generation made their own choice between entitlement and purpose and the Purvis purpose either declined or increased according to that choice.
What can we leave that will communicate the purposes of God to the generations born after us?

One response to “Time Capsules (Succession pt. 7)

  1. Did you know you have the FIRST entry into all of google for Purvishauge..? Wish you had a picture.. I wanted to see it.
    Yes.. Father help me see the Joshua’s the Caleb’s.. even when they don’t come in the packages I think they should. Let me see the raw materials and help me be what they need to become the men and women you have destined them to be. Let me encourage, and challenge and equip and pray- forgive and fortify! Al this is something you have a gift for– and it is what draws people toward you. That dream planting vision. That ya- you can do it– let me show ya how! I know it can get exhausting– working with a bunch of 20’somethings.. they have so much baggage and are ding dongs at times.. ah but so were we… still love that country song.. “Her daddy says he ain’t worth a living
    When it comes to brains, he got the short end of the stick”…
    My daddy said you wasn’t worth a living
    When it came to brains you got the short end of the stick”

    Like you I look forward to seeing what the men and women of God of this generation will rise up and accomplish!

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