Different from me (Succession pt. 6)

DadAlSolomon was chosen from among David’s many sons to succeed his father on the throne of Israel. God chose Solomon because he was a ‘man of peace’. Solomon would now build the temple that David had made preparations for. David was not allowed to build the temple because he was a ‘man of war’. Solomon and David were very different men.

I will stifle the future vision if I look for a successor who is just like me. We need someone who can see and lead through the next, more advanced, levels. Even if I could live another 50 years, I could not lead the vision into the future the same way I’ve led in the past. As the vision grows, leadership must change, actually it’s the other way around.

David was generation one, the pioneer man, in the building of the throne that Jesus sits on today. This was his specific ministry calling. Solomon was the 2nd generation. It wasn’t like no one had gone before them in the plan of God, in fact, David told Solomon to follow the teachings of Moses. David was the 14th generation of men who served God, but in his ministry he was first generation and Solomon was second.
Solomon would live in luxury, peace and quietness all his days. He lived as a philosopher in a palace while David had spent his life on the battlefield covered in mud and blood. But Solomon was the right fit, he could take the throne to the next level, and because he was the right guy, in the right sequence, he became greater, took the vision farther – and David would have been very pleased.
As I am, so very pleased that the second generation leaders in our ministry are not people like me. Terry and I lived a fairly rough life, on the edge of pioneering a new ministry in Thailand – that our sons and daughters are now expanding across Asia and the world. The second generation of leaders in our vision are of softer temperament, more refined and gifted for specific jobs in the ministry. This is God’s doing.
The founder of a given vision has already done the pioneering so replacing him with someone like him would be a leadership redundancy and set back. To replace King David with another David would have set Israel back a generation and delayed the building of the temple.
For this same reason we are not only looking for a differently gifted person but probably a different form of leadership. Pioneering is often accomplished by a single leader, but the second generation requires a team of diversely gifted leaders who can work closely together, by the third generation the vision is so refined it can run on auto pilot with the right people trained for the right departments. The pioneer must understand that succession into the next generation will change the look of the ministry.
1. My role is unique to my generation.
2. My successors will be unlike me and will be gifted for the next generation’s accomplishments.
3. Succession will include a change in leadership format and style.
How will they ever find someone like me to take over when I’m gone? They won’t, thank God!

7 responses to “Different from me (Succession pt. 6)

  1. much better.. at least on my computer the add did not show! lol I get the difference in the succesor and how they will lead differently.. but solomon lost the kingdom– because of his poor character choices he led them back into idolatry.. The generation after him totally destroyed everything.. probably not the model you were looking after. Solomon’s indulgence in luxury made him weak, and open tothe lure of constant pleasure and entertainment. He apparently spent his time chasing skirts and other religions. He lost his true purpose and passion and he led a pretty empty life. He was running a family business- not a ministry that sought the heart of the people for the heart of God. For him it became all about better methods to produce more. Instead of loving the ‘one’ in front of him into ‘life’.

    That remains the challenge for all ministries that grow into the next generation. Will they really be about the ‘one’ in front of them- will they really be about the heart of Jesus, to love. Or will programs and projects, and good deads overwhelm them and they forget the very ‘people’ they are to minister to? Processes are important- for sure! but it always has to be a servants heart at the foundation and forefront! That is what catches the immagination of the rest of us. We want to be a part of what God is doing– and he has always been about ‘love’ loving the one in front of you. In front of me– no matter what generation we are in. Without love, i am just a clanging gong….a noisy cymbal… who cares if I give my body to be burned– or what I build. By this shall all men know you are my disciples.. Behold how we love each other.. and the one…

    So yes we are the older guys– but not the old guys! We still have so much to pour into this next generation– helping them to avoid those very pitfalls. Our character, their character and adherence to the basics is what matters the most. Real passion for God and for people-time spent in His presence that fills and fuels every endeavor. Honest to goodness love for the people around us – both those who work with us and we are working to encourage witht he power and presence of God. I think David waited too long to train Solomon.. I think he should have told him about the screw up with Bethsheba and Uriah.. why he went there and what it cost him. Maybe if he had been more present in his son’s life- he would not have been quite as susceptible to the temptation of women, and looking for meaning and significance in the wrong places. there is a lot to learn by David’s failure in how to pass on leadership.

  2. Very good article Pastor Al. I like that: we are specifically gifted by God to do the job we are called to do, different people are called to do different jobs, and we need to be different in order to build over time. The gifts God gives are always a blessing, not a curse. Rich or poor, the curse comes when you turn away from God.

  3. This is Holy spirit, it was teaching me past months about this. Now, when I see it from differnt angle.
    God bless you pastor AL.

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