Support Your Local Levite

VietnamOfferingAs a great fairy tale ends with “And they all lived happily ever after,” a great Bible story ends with, “Not a word failed of any good thing which the Lord had promised. All came to pass.”

My wife will fast forward through a movie she thinks might be boring, and sure enough, the credits role and she’ll say, “blah, not much of a story.”

But it’s the part just before THE END that might move you to tears, or joy, or belief. And everything leading up to that part is what gives the story it’s impact.

Israel had escaped Egypt, done 40 years in the wilderness, and taken possession of the land that flows with milk and honey. God’s promise of an abundant life had finally come true; but there was one more climactical event before everybody could live happily ever after, and here’s what makes the story a life-changer:

The Levites asked for a meeting with Eleazar and Joshua; “The Lord commanded through Moses to give us cities to dwell in and their common lands for our livestock.” The Levites weren’t farmers, builders or business men, they were the spiritual ministers of the nation. They needed a place to live and a place to keep a milk cow and a few sheep. Should we share what’s ours with them? Either they are parasites or they are God’s plan for the prosperity of His people.

The Levites had no inheritance of land because God wanted the other 11 tribes to give them some from their inheritance… they were given 48 cities and the land around them. Move over and make room for the Levites!

The final step to receiving God’s promise is to activate generosity. Giving some of your inheritance to those who have none, giving to the poor, the stranger, the foreigner, and the minister of the gospel. Generosity is not natural or logical, but it is the ultimate virtue of a successful person, family, church, or business.

Want to be more effective? Be generous.
Want to be happier? Be generous.
Want to stop complaining? Be generous.
Want to kill Jezabel? Be generous.

Want to succeed? You know what to do.

Don’t just say, “Bless you” and walk by. Pick up the tab, don’t hold back, go the second mile, forgive your debtors, give to the poor, the orphans and the widows. And give of what’s rightfully yours to the Levites who minister on your behalf.

Generosity is the key to a successful ending!

Disclaimer: Giving something you shouldn’t be giving is not generosity, it’s compulsion – don’t do it. There is seed to sow and there is bread to eat and a generous heart is able to discern which is which.


3 responses to “Support Your Local Levite

  1. Matt. 28:19 “Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Allan and I know that the only way we can be fully obedient to this commission given by Jesus to all His followers, that’s you and me, is to not only make disciples ourselves but help empower, support, and sow into those who can go where we can’t go. Love this message, love your passion and vision, and love you, Terry, and the team of WMC. God continue to bless you spirit, soul, and body.

  2. Thanks Birdie. Sometimes you are a Levite and sometimes you are a medical technician, but always generous. And sooner than later, you can tell the generous ones, the favor of God is attracted.

  3. Thanks for the message, sometimes we can be so focused on what we believe is our inheritance that we forget that we have a biblical requirement to give too. God’s blessing isn’t for us to hoard it for ourselves, but to give TO SUPPORT others, not just a wee tip now and then.

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