Giving God’s Way


Cain is the guy who enters this conversation with, “Well what I believe is…” As though his doctrine, rather than his obedience, would be blessed by God. He was cursed.

A decade ago, doctrines of devils relentlesly attacked the legitimacy of tithing, but wise folks looked into the scripture and saw that tithing is key to Christianity. The devil fooled some into robbing God: but only because they loved money, not God. Jesus said the two won’t mix, you will love one and hate the other.

Bible review:
1. Tithing is before and above the law: Abraham instituted tithing before there was a Mosaic law or Levitical priesthood. Abe was a full-blown new covenant believer: he heard the gospel, was made righteous by his faith, received communion, and reciprocated by tithing. Tithing and bread and wine are the reciprocal tokens of the new covenant. (By definition, and by Biblical language, there is only one covenant. The Abrahamic covenant is referred to as the ‘new’ when compared to the ‘old’, which is the Law of Moses.) Tithing is imperative to salvation, as is the bread and wine. We remember Jesus when we receive communion, and He remembers us when we tithe, and He pours out…

2. Tithing is central to the New Testament: Malachi chapter 3 is a snap-shot of the New Testament, begining with John the Baptist, followed by Jesus’ first coming, the release of the great revival (by bringing our tithes and first fruits) and ending with Jesus’ second coming and final judgment. God’s last instruction before 400 years of silence was to bring in the tithes and the offerings.

If you’re not convinced that tithing is an integral part of knowing God, no point reading any further because the next step to abundant life requires even more obedience.

It takes two to open the windows of heaven:
1. The begining and the end: Tithing is only part of what opens the heavens. The tithe is the ten percent that we return to God once we receive our increase. But somewhere before the tithe comes the first fruits offering. That’s the point of Malachi 3:10, tithes and first fruits!

The first sheaf of the season and the tithe of the harvest belong to God. The first one sold and the tithe of the whole year’s increase, the first one born and a tenth of the increase of the herd – both ends of every blessing belong to God.

2. Faith at both ends: A first fruits offering demands more faith than tithing because the first fruit is all you have at the time. What if you get hailed out, the herd gets sick, the company folds, the economy crashes? Turn that coin over and God says He’ll rebuke the devourer and bless our crops and our herds if we bring the first fruits, and the tithes, to Him.

The pouring out of blessing we do not have room enough to receive is triggered by the first fruits and the tithes. “Try Me in this,” says The Lord and see if I don’t pour out…

The difference between Able and Cain? Able brought the first fruits and Cain brought what he thought would be good enough to please God. The difference is blessed to abundance or struggling under the curse.

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