a lifetime committment to our vision

Is a ‘lifetime commitment to our vision’ in the Bible? Ruth made a lifetime commitment to follow Naomi.
Nehemiah was committed to complete his vision and then get back to his day job.
Gideon was committed to lead Israel in one victory and then refuse to become their leader.
Abraham was one of the greatest visionaries ever and part of his job was to ‘die in faith’.

Our lifetime commitment in the scripture is to: continue with The Lord, continue in the grace of God, continue in the faith, continue in His Goodness, to hold fast our confession, confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end. Paul said his commitment was to the ‘heavenly vision’.

Guys like Paul, Philip, John, Judas, Diotrephes, Saul, Hezekiah, Samson, and the 12 spies, were all committed, but some to the wrong things. Many of them were living for themselves rather than living for the people they were anointed and positioned to serve.

Commitment is a heart issue:
So Tenet # 3 is kept by maintaining a right heart and a right focus in the heavenly vision. John Mark left the ministry and returned home because he had a home to return to (the other believers in Jerusalem had sold their lands and houses), so he longed for home like the children of Israel longed for Egypt.

For missionaries, homesickness, disappointment, or offence can set in becuase of distance and time separation from important relationships, but a good commitment to the vision is the first step to overcoming these things. Some quit early and some don’t – the difference is in their level of commitment and renewed focus.

Of the greatest men and women of faith, the Bible says, “And truly if they had called to mind that country from which they had come out, they would have had opportunity to return.” (Hebrews 11:15)

1. Tenet # 3 is meant to measure our level of commitment to our purpose. How committed are we to reach, teach and mobilize? ‘For life’ is the measure. So we’re not talking about a length of term, but a depth of commitment. Jesus didn’t ask Peter, “How long will you love me?” He asked, “Do you love me more than fishing?” Golfing, RVing, Retiring, grand kids, your girlfriend, your career, your own ideas?

2. Tenet # 3 is meant to measure our level of commitment to our corporate purpose. How committed are we to work together to reach, teach and mobilize? This is a golden rule second dimension commitment: not only to love The Lord, but to love each other, provoking one another to good works in the common purpose.

3. Tenet # 3 is meant to protect our future from any dumb impulses we might follow for temporary relief from the demands of working, or working together.  I am committed to being totally honest, by asking myself, “What is the real reason I want to quit or move on?”

Here’s what we’re committed to:
1. Don’t break the purpose; if you don’t know the purpose of something you will abuse it. The purpose of your life is to serve God, and serve others, for your lifetime. How? You never quit, burn out, retire from your God-given purpose.

2. Don’t break relationships; with the people God has put into your life, either the Sauls or Davids. Everybody recognizes thhe difference between someone walking in ‘offence’ and walking in ‘covenant’.

3. Don’t break the process; Let every move be a step ahead, not a step back. In other words, you have broken commitment if you are starting over.

Tenet #3 ‘We have a lifetime commitment to our vision’ not only to reach, teach & mobilize, but to do it together. This is the Golden Rule in action: to love Jesus with all we have and serve others over ourselves for the duration of our lives.

for the long winded version (35 minutes) https://vimeo.com/78813843


4 responses to “a lifetime committment to our vision

    • We’re working our way through the ten tenets of Victory. Unlike vision and purpose, I’m finding the tenets, which are actually our culture, can become more, or less, relevant after 30 years. Seems we have to re-define our commitments as the world changes. So there might be 11 or 12 🙂

    • Thanks Pastor Terry, you are an inspiring example of a committment keeper as the decades go by… hmm, now that we’re so old, God can trust us with those big levels of influence that only come by faithfulness. 2014 will be a big one for you and your ministry.

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