the problem under my feet


Tenet # 6 We believe every problem can get solved.

That’s what we believe about problems.

We don’t believe that every problem needs to be solved by us, or that they solve themselves, or that God solves them by Himself. But we do believe that no problem can stand in our way.

Tenet #6 states that we are committed to being bigger than our problems.

Here’s what we believe:
1. Problems are solved by being vision focused, not problem focused. “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” Albert Einstein. We solve problems when we are solution minded, victory minded. Einstein also said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” So let’s move up.

2. Solving a problem always requires repentance, change, and growth. Habakuk prayed, “And I will watch to see what He will say to me, And what I will answer when I am corrected.” Habakuk expected God’s instruction to include correction and require personal change. And when a problem is solved, things are different, better. We mature and increase by overcoming problems. Business, ministry, marriage, and character fail because of problems that don’t get solved.

3. Solving problems requires great determination, diligence and sacrifice. Problem solving is the muscle building of victory. Beating problems makes you a winner and a leader.

I love being around Tenet #6 people. They are confident, they don’t talk defeat – they talk victory.

Nehemiah solved problems:

I can relate to Nehemiah’s problems; problems like the obnoxious Sanbalot and Tobiah. These are the ones that we are not allowed to kill yet they continually threaten our success.

Nehemiah had rebuilt Jerusalem’s walls and put the priesthood in order. He returned to his regular job back in Babylon for another 30 years. When he visited Jerusalem again, he couldn’t believe what he saw: the high priest had allowed Tobiah to move into the temple – he was living in the very room where the tithes and offerings were stored.

Again and again, we discover the same old Tobiah trying to embed himself into our ministry, working diligently to diminish our resources. Tobiah is not on our team yet he refuses to go away, and we must refuse the influence he wishes to hold over us.

Here’s the process:
1. Nehemiah read his Bible. The Word brings to light things that are out of order and gives us the standard and instruction for the solution. (Nehemiah 13:1) For Tenet #6 people, every legitimate problem is clarified by the Word and is to be fixed according to the Word.

2. Nehemiah was already in the habit of fixing problems. (Nehemiah 13:4 “Now before this…”) A ‘seed’ problem usually shows up before the big one and a person of action will be prepared for the big one by solving little ones first.

3. Nehemiah’s problems compounded. (Nehemiah 13:10 the Levite priests were neglected, 3:15 the Sabbath had become a day of greed 13:23 God’s pure nation had intermarried.) Problems come in multiples out of one root and can all be solved by destroying the root.

We are vision focused, desiring change and determined to win.

Tenet #6: We are committed to overcome every problem that stands in the way of our vision or disrespects who we are called to be.

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