The Inconvenience of sex slavery


A man disguising himself as a customer enters a brothel in Pattaya, Thailand. He pays for time with a young girl and when they are alone, he invites her to run away to a safe place and a new life. He’s an undercover missionary and if she agrees, he will take her to a home where she can be counselled, healed, and returned to her family.

The rest of the story: The brothel owner is infuriated and the police who receive his protection money will hunt down the missionary, well, not really, they actually don’t care because replacing the missing girls with new, innocent virgins will serve to improve business. There will be new lives trafficked by the old pimps by nightfall. It’s easy when you know parents who will sell their daughters for enough money to build a new house or make a down payment on a pick up truck. In poverty thinking, there is no dishonour in this transaction.

A true story: Jang’s mom found a Pattaya buyer for her daughter’s 14 year old virginity for $3,400.

Will kidnapping a girl from a brothel save her from a life of prostitution? What saved Jang?

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