The Love Tenet


Tenet # 8 We seek to lead through relationship rather than position.

We “seek to”? That’s pretty wimpy! I would say either we do it or we don’t it!

So let’s re-state Tenet # 8 as: We lead through relationship not position. (anything else is unacceptable)

According to VCI Policy and Procedures, Tenet #8 is one of the two main foundation stones of the organisation: 1. we work through covenant relationship, not control, and 2. we have a God given purpose that we all agree on.

We have to fight for this one because of our strong tendency, in building anything, toward control. Many of us have suffered the abuses of control, and broken free, we’ve become a new generation, Spirit led and against political control. But when God blesses and we build a ministry of great assets, now, somebody needs to be in control to protect the investment. And the cycle of life and death goes around once again. This is why we need tenet #8.

How to grow in influence, but not control.

1. Understanding Position
Position = Money = Control = win/win

Position: Leading by position means I make you to do something I want done, likely because it benefits me.

Money: Bad leadership is usually about money. Leading from a distance (like on the mission field) is attempted by using money to control. And if there is money involved, leading by relationship is not possible because we’ll have a business deal not a covenant. If money is involved in the beginning of a relationship, it will be impossible to detect the true motives of the relationship. Question; Have we been faithful to Tenet #8, or have we given (and lost) millions of dollars to unproven relationships?

Control: Control works both ways. Controlling attracts controllers, manipulators all know the right words to say “We love your vision and want to join with you, please come and preach in our country…”, they know the right prayers to pray, “Oh God, you know how we need $10,000 before Friday…” Ok, don’t get me started.

Win/win: some people make this sound real good, and fair, but its a manipulation for selfish gain.

The antidote? Genuine relationship, from the get go!

2. Understanding Relationship
Relationship = Love = Sacrifice = Covenant

Relationship: Position can lead immediately, but how long does it take to lead by relationship? Pastor Rich Conte and I spent years of concentrated relationship building, traveling back and forth, ministering for each other, before we could officially say we were working together as Victoryasia. The others have all spent one, two, or four years in Bible college with us.

Love & sacrifice: This is the Biblical, modelled by David and mandated by Jesus, way forward for Victoryasia.

To do this one we must:

1. let go of our rights. When Absolom usurped his father’s throne, David conceded to him, trusting God who turns every situation to the good of the one who concedes to Him! But you have to read the rest of the story to catch David’s attitude toward his own rights. II Samuel 16:5-14

2. Expect generosity and investment. In Victoryasia the first thing I explain to potential new partners is how much this will cost them. Don’t waste your time trying to build a relationship with people who are not ready to be generous toward you. They are not trying to build relationship, they are trying to get something.

I Samuel 25:5 David sent ten men to ask Nabal for provisions for a feast. He reminded Nabal that these men had protected Nabal’s herds and shepherds. Nabal answered, “Why should I give my hard earned stuff to some guy who I don’t even know where he is from?” David answered, “Every man grab your sword!”

I am not shy about asking our members to tithe, asking our churches to tithe to their national headquarters and asking each nation in our region to tithe to Victoryasia. If you don’t tithe, you’ll soon follow your heart to somewhere else.

3. Invest generously in others. I Samuel 30:26 When David recaptured Ziklag and his wives and stuff from the Amelikites, he sent gifts of the spoil to the elders of Israel, just to bless and encourage them.

Enjoy the no-read version here:

If the video link doesn’t appear, just click on the title above, oh, and leave a comment if you want me to know what you think.


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