Sometimes, when people watch you do a small thing, they’ll want to help. When more people help, the thing you do gets bigger, and bigger, and, if you learn to lead, that thing you do will become a movement.

A movement inspires destiny in a great number of people; it offers a new purpose for living and a vision to rally around. And then, whenever the movement converges, you have an explosion of vision and destiny.

Victory Asia converges here, this is Summit – a gathering of destiny-minded people from across Asia and around the world. Our battle cry is to reach the lost, train them to lead, and mobilize them into the movement until all of Asia is full of churches and creative ministries.

There are twelve nations here. Some of these men and women became leaders when the movement began, others are just now becoming leaders, but all are anticipating this: Jesus will bring abundant life to every country, like the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Great plans require great leaders and although we face many obstacles, our faith, hope, and love for each other, converges here – and together we can accomplish great exploits.

Here’s what Summit did:


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