7 Weeks in Asia 2016


Summer 2016: Be part of a missions experience that will open your eyes to the world and change your perspective about how mission work is done. 7 weeks to change the world, 7 weeks to change you. watch this: https://youtu.be/_UGA6x6fMDM

$2800 for ages 15-25.

7 Weeks in Asia 2016 – we launch July 4th and finish August 22nd! This summer we’re traveling to the Philippines, Cambodia and throughout Thailand.

Through Vancouver here’s the FLIGHT you need to book (or contact us for other options):

China Airlines Flight 31 744
02:00am Jul 04, Mon Take-off: Vancouver (YVR)
05:00am Jul 05, Tue Landing: Taipei (TPE)
Layover: 2h 20m

China Airlines
Flight 833 77W
07:20am Jul 05, Tue Take-off: Taipei (TPE)
10:00am Jul 05, Tue Landing: Bangkok (BKK)
CoachTotal Trip Time : 18h 00m(Flight: 15h 40m)

China Airlines
Flight 836 744
05:20pm Aug 22, Mon Take-off: Bangkok (BKK)
10:10pm Aug 22, Mon Landing: Taipei (TPE)

Layover: 1h 5m (Short connection)
China Airlines
Flight 32 744
11:15pm Aug 22, Mon Take-off: Taipei (TPE)
07:00pm Aug 22, Mon Landing: Vancouver (YVR)

Contact info@7weeksinasia.com  or message us on Facebook


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