Don’t Dis Your Dad


Apparently God does’t think of Himself as being more important than your dad, in fact He feels like you’re loving Him when you love on your dad.

One day the super-religious Pharisees came down from head office to confront Jesus about the behaviour of His disciples – they hadn’t washed their hands before lunch, and that was a serious offence against good religious manners.

Jesus countered with, “Your traditions are an offence against the very word of God!” And His example was the ‘honour your father and mother’ clause for which the Law of Moses carried the death sentence for offenders.  The Pharisees were actually teaching the people that they shouldn’t look after their parents (but give the money to them instead).

If the punishment for dishonouring your parents was death, that puts dishonour near the top of the list of things that God detests. I believe He sees it as dishonouring Him; if you don’t love and honour your fathers (who you can see) don’t say you love and honour your Heavenly Father (who you can’t see).

Want God’s greatest rewards? “Honour your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise.

I have some great fathers, and some of them are mothers. Let’s recognize, love and honour the fathers in our lives and live at the top of the list of people who God blesses.

How was your Father’s Day?


One response to “Don’t Dis Your Dad

  1. Not too long ago I saw a post that said they were leaving their money to the church rather than the family….smh…he who does not take care of His family is worse than an infidel….both ends of the spectrum…

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