Reach Deeper (deep reach #3)


Our common enemy is the hell that holds the souls of people just beyond our reach. So to win, we must reach deeper.  

When we reach deeper, what do we touch? Destinies, calls, talents, purposes. 

Jesus reached deeper, He challenged people. He never offered a ‘fire insurance’ salvation. He offered; “Follow me, become a disciple, go, fish for men, build, conquer.” What happened to the guy who didn’t use his talent? Weeping and gnashing of teeth! So much for fire insurance.  


I just wanna be a sheep blah blah blah blah… 

Sheep are dumb, Jesus called all of us to be shepherds.  

If that seems illogical because “we can’t all be leaders with no followers,” then the question is, “Have you ever seen a growing ministry who’s problem is too many leaders?” No! We are all losing sleep trying to grow more genuine leaders! 

Our vision is to Reach, Teach and Mobilize. If ‘reach’ doesn’t lead to ‘teach’, we haven’t actually reached a person. When we reach deeper we find a leader. We reach deeper by requiring more from those we reach.  

Every revival in the Bible, and since, was a revival of leadership. The outflow may include miracles, wonders, salvation, etc, but revival always happens because somebody stood up. Peter stood up and 3,000 devout men from around the world got saved. Gideon got out of the wine press and changed the course of history. Moses killed an Egyptian and delivered a nation. David killed Goliath and defeated an army. Jonathan crawled up a hill and mobilized Israel’s fearful, quitters, and deserters. 

Revival begins when somebody decides to do something and will end when the leadership of it collapses. 

Presently we have a momentum, a clear path ahead, and unprecedented supernatural favor.

What kills leadership?  

  • The dumb idea that not everyone can be a leader.
  • The mistaken idea that ‘follower’ is the default position when it’s not even an option.
  • The selfish idea that I want to be a leader for my own benefit.
  • Building leadership for what we have presently. Not leading the next generation, not leading into growth.

Unreached people are not just potential converts, they are potential leaders. 

What shall we do? Reach deeper and produce Leaders! If what you are doing is not producing leaders, it’s not ‘reach, teach, and mobilize’, it’s not revival and it’s not the church. 

Here it is in real life:


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