How to Reach The Leader in Those Who Aren’t (deep reach #4)

Our vision remains to reach, teach, and mobilize people. We haven’t really reached them until we’ve engaged them in the ‘teach’, the process of becoming a disciple.  

So our challenge is to reach deeper, to reach the dormant leader that is buried in the sleepy sinner, to awaken their purpose, their destiny. 

“Engage destinies,” is the answer to the question, “How do we close the back door?” “How do we move people from attending to committing?”  

Better hosting, better worship, better preaching, better systems are in the plan but if we look from the attendees perspective, they are asking, “What is there here for me?” Let’s make it better with the right goal in mind. The goal is to mobilize the leader on the inside.


The parables of the minas are about Jesus looking for leaders. 

In Luke 19, the nobleman gave each of his servants a mina because they had potential to grow.

In Matthew 25:14 he gave a certain number of talents to each one according to their capacity, “Five to one, two to another, and one to another… according to their ability.”

In Mark 13:34, he gave them authority and work.

Jesus raises leaders by handing out talents: He gives spiritual gifts that match our call, opportunities that match our potential, and authority that matches our level of responsibility.


Reach deeper by estimating the capacity of the person we are reaching, then finding an opportunity that matches their capacity. In the parables, increase depended on both the capacity of the servant and the wealth of the nobleman. An increase is an increase in Kingdom currency. 

A one-mina leader can grow to become a leader of five or ten cities. 

The mina comes with built-in potential. The servants reported, “Look Lord, your mina has produced…”  

How do you estimate someone’s capacity? By listening to them, and watching them in the present small things. (Because you are faithful over a few little things, I will make you ruler over many things. Matthew 25:21)

What limits capacity? Behaviors of sloppiness, untrustworthiness, unwillingness to change, laziness in developing skills, or exhibiting skill for a wrong purpose.

There’s another limiting factor: fake noblemen who do not invest in others. They use people rather than develop them. Self-centered leaders are a huge factor.


What do we know about the mina? It has its own potential, and it is the currency of the Kingdom. We give our young disciples the currency of Victory Asia. They will tell you, “Everything we need to succeed is on the Victory Asia Platform!” That doesn’t mean that we have it all, but it does mean that we will do whatever it takes to mobilize them.

Fakers and takers will try to alter the currency. They desire a strange currency – position, money, and certificates. The Platform represents an anointing but they think they need position, the Platform gives a model but they think they need money, the Platform gives mentoring but they think they need a degree.  

Victory Asia gives you vision, connections, relationships, mentoring, work, all in a family of covenant brothers.


  1. Don’t let those young, inexperienced people do anything important, they’ll probably wreck it. Rather, ask, “What’s at stake? The sermon or the preacher? The cake or the baker?” Next ask, “What can we risk? What’s the worst that could happen, and what would we do to fix it?” Thirdly ask, “How could we use the failure and the fixing of it to train this leader?”
  2. We fail if we make our ministry appearance more important than growing the people. We’re not growing specialists, we’re growing leaders.
  3. Hugh failure happens when we draw flowcharts, post policies, rules, and other demeaning controllers. Rather, ask, “How can we best get people to think and act like leaders? What does the culture need to look like and how can we get it there?”

Here’s the live version:




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