Our Common Enemy (deep reach #1)

David had to choose an enemy. Would it be King Saul and his javelins or the Philistines with the spoil? Saul caused David more problems than the Philistines but there was no future in fighting against Saul.  

David chose his enemy from the perspective of who David was! If you don’t know who you are you will choose the wrong enemy. If you see yourself as a hopeless individual, you’ll see your employer, your teammates, family, and friends as your enemy. What kind of son thinks his father is his enemy? A really stupid one.  

We will fight. We were not made for peace. Without a common enemy, we self-destruct because we will turn the fight inwardly.  

Who is the enemy of us? Is it the devil? Of course, but just being mad at the devil doesn’t motivate the battle. We can’t fight an enemy we can’t identify.  

We need an enemy that we can sink our weapons into. My praise is a weapon, my prayer is a weapon, my prophetic word is a weapon, but the biggest weapon of all is my ‘go’.  

Our common enemy is the hell that holds the souls of people just beyond our reach.

Reach! We must reach further than just preaching from our pulpits, further than the sinner’s prayer, further than attending church, we must reach into their purpose, their destiny, their adoptable hearts. We reach the souls of people that are held in hell’s prison of materialism and poverty, religion and bigotry, labor and entertainment, success and suicide, the ordinary, the diminished, the broken and the proud.  

Why? If we don’t, who will? How much are we willing to change, to commit to, to sacrifice?  

Who are we? How do we do it? 

1 God is the author of our vision, so we press forward. 

2 God is the source of all our needs, so we are generous. 

3 We have a lifetime commitment to reach, teach & mobilize. 

4 We will continually grow in our vision, thinking, and creativity. 

5 We invest in developing people, rather than programs and projects. 

6 We believe every problem can be solved.  

7 Teamwork and agreement is the place of power.  

8 We lead through relationship rather than money or position. 

9 We are committed to increasing, as opposed to settling. 

10 We hold the Word of God to be true and every contrary circumstance subject to change. 

Live version (with a little high voltage interference)


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