Have you ever taken your disciples to the Gadarenes?

How I reach deeper – into me. 

What do I look like as a leader? Do I see myself mentoring like Jesus did? Like Barnabus? Like Paul? 

How do those I mentor describe me? They will describe me according to the way I prioritize, the way I spend time with them.

What we actually believe is uncovered by our actions. At the level where our soul connects with our spirit, we will find the foundation of what we actually believe, and we do what we believe, always. 

To be a successful mentor and spiritual father, we need to dig deep into the foundation and consider what we believe about making disciples. I spend a lot of life with my disciples, we live, travel and minister together.  

I know that we live in a very different day and culture than that of Jesus and Paul and apparently get differing results. Are any of the first-century disciple-making methods relevant? Or maybe all of them are?  

Mentoring success can’t be dependant on outward conditions, but on how creative we are in mentoring, regardless of society. 

The coffee shop isn’t much good for mentoring unless you are the owner. Nor is mentoring effective if most of your life is hidden from view. Although it makes for a good seminar, there is no dividing line between my relationship with God and my ministry, my personal life and my ministry life etc. Don’t commit schizophrenia.  

We succeed in our marriage, with our kids, with our team, and with our students because we honour all by giving preference to mentoring them over personal space and comfort.  

When I see photos posted by local pastors in Pakistan, I see the leader of Pakistan, Pastor Peter, in the pictures, in the Philippines I see Pastor Rich, in Cambodia, Pastor Ronald, in every place across our region of churches I see the apostolic leaders with their work clothes on and their hands dirty, or eating birthday cake, along with everybody else.  

The people we see you with are the ones you are influencing, and the stories you tell are of the things you are most proud of. It appears that there are Christians whose holiday budget is bigger than their missions budget.  

Familiarity is a thing. If it seems that those you mentor are not listening, it may be that you are boring them, but whatever the reason, as mentors we must step up in commitment and creativity until we have something worth imparting.  

Here’s the simple question that works anywhere in the world, in any culture, “What can you do to move one level closer to those you are mentoring?” 

Here’s the ruder version:  



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