A Voluntary Wilderness

Good morning Summit goers!

A voluntary wilderness of prayer and fasting is the place of guaranteed new personal alignment and direction.


1. New purpose: Clarify and build (Focus) Clarify the goal and intentionally build ourselves and our leaders for that next level. You can’t just tell them what to do, you must come up with how to do it. How can they change their minds, how can they see the direction, how can they make a greater commitment when they feel already fully committed (comparing themselves with themselves)

2. New defaults: (habits) Walk away from habits that deplete your potential. Walk away from easy, familiar and boring. Choose your passion. Comfort attacks your potential. Practice this: Default to learning, not entertainment.

3. New Organization: When you don’t know what to do, make a plan, look at the plan and be diligent. Then you can make adjustments as you go. And this leads to:

4. New Input: Clarify what activities are valuable to you and why they are valuable. Write stuff down. (Try this: down one thing that you invest in that other people think is a waste of time, now write down the value you get from it. Should you keep doing it?) This isn’t about denying yourself, going without, it’s about choosing to spend your time and energy on things that build you, radicalize your heart, mind and body toward your purpose. Study, read, listen, learn, talk to the right people.

5. New output: Bolder creativity, bolder preaching, proclaiming the direction, building leaders by requiring commitment, releasing responsibilities, and requiring reporting. Have success in places other people have given up on; publishing, You Tube, Facebook, email, partner raising. Of all the books written, the average number sold is 200 per title. I see that as a challenge!

6. Financial growth. Do it! Develop your potential income streams and generosity in mobilizing others. “I am the Lord your God and I teach you to profit!” Isaiah 48:17

This is a follow up of last night’s meeting. I think you are the most amazing people on the planet and we have an amazing future together!