A Missionary Interview

Q. What was your dream as a young Christian?

A. Born again at 21, my understanding of Jesus’ commission quickly expanded from “my friends need Jesus” to my city, my country and then the world. Clearly, the nations were created to release an inheritance of disciples to Him.

Q. When did you first feel the call to be a missionary? Where were you when you received the call to be a missionary?

A. The personal vision landed on a muggy summer day at church camp; a mosquito infested northern Alberta swamp called Brainard Lake. Our pastor spoke of a missions base in Africa that had no resident missionary. I wondered, “How is that possible while so many young people around here are looking for a place to serve?” I leaned back in my chair to consider the possibility and suddenly a multitude of lost faces flashed across the screen of my imagination – I was ready to go.

Q. When did you begin on the mission field?

A. We got home from church camp and heard about 100,000 orphans stuck in refugee camps in Thailand, so we went there. In 1982 the Vietnam war was still cooling down and SE Asia was in dire need of some Good News.

Q. Where have you served as a missionary?

A. Nearly 40 years later, we remain based in Thailand and serve along side our sons and daughters in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Q. Where are you currently serving as a missionary?

A. The best kept secret of pioneers is that we don’t move, we build a solid base and grow onward from there. That way we continue to be pioneers through our generations. It’s one aspect of the apostolic. Adopting spiritual children for life is another aspect.

Q. What are some of your experiences as a missionary?

A. We’ve lived through 40 years of adventure, but the real deal is having raised a family of 33 children to be planters of churches and businesses that have propelled us across Asia. We couldn’t save 100,000 orphans so we raised our 33 to become leaders. Our succeeding generations now reach thousands of young men and women who want to be parented into their destiny. We’ve become great great grandparents. That’s the apostolic order.

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a missionary?

A. Get connected to people who are doing what you want to do. We’ve found that pioneering new ministry is not practical for most people so we built an international Bible college in Thailand for the purpose of mentoring and mobilizing new missionaries. VABC incorporates all the elements we wished we’d had back when we began. It’s all here: http://www.victoryasia.com

Q. What is your favourite bible verse?

A. When I think about all the amazing kids we’ve adopted, Isaiah 58:12 promises us, “Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

Q. What is your favourite hymn or chorus?

A. Favourites come and go. Presently, our kids are producing powerful front line worship music which stirs me to loving Jesus like never before http://www.victoryworshipband.com

Someone, somewhere could certainly use your help to attend VABC and get prepared to reach the regions beyond.

Go to our partnership page at: www.victoryasia.com

Al & Terry Purvis